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Lifera E-book

Prop Design - Lifera

Science Fiction Film Prop


For details on design and creative processes please click on PDF to view the Lifera E-book and enjoy the many, many spelling mistakes.

Spacial Design - Larch  Cottage

Cross sectional, architectural, scale model of an environmentally friendly crook-frame, straw bail house.

Model made from wood, vacuum formed styrene, Polyfilla and Sika Tooling Board 

Character Design - Cockatrice

Sculpted in Chevant, moulded in plaster, cast in latex and painted in acrylic-latex paint.

Gorilla Miniature

Gorilla, sculpted in Sculpy and painted in acrylic.

Surrealist  Prop  Design   -   Dog  Skull  Telephone

Designed as a character's means of communication between the conscious and subconscious. Skull sculpted in Sculpy, other items turned in Sika Tooling Board. Painted in acrylic.